Thursday, October 23, 2008

Soccer Doesn't Rule After All As Inline Hockey League Forms At Bakersfield SMUF

After what local roller hockey enthusiasts feared might be a complete soccer takeover of an LA Kings donated hockey rink, the Saunders Multi Use Facility (SMUF) is accepting team fees of $1,000 for its inaugural 8-week season.

Just after the grand opening in May, 2008, the facility was mostly contracted to the potentially more lucrative venture of soccer. Hockey enthusiasts held out hope and now a league is forming.

Hockey enthusiast Chris Fleming is putting together a team for the silver league. He said, "I think that we were scared that they (SMUF)were going to try to push us out. But they are definitely being inviting and giving us an opportunity to do kids and adult leagues. We're organizing a little more than expected. If we can organize it right, they will continue to support it."

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bakersfield Condors Bury Stockton Thunder 7-4 For First Win Of 2008-2009 Season

It was the kind of game Bakersfield Condors fans appreciate: a come-from-behind 7-4 win filled with high scoring and two periods of domination on the ice. Yet hardcore fans would find the win bittersweet as the hard-hitting and fiery defense of past seasons was mostly left off the ice.

The Condors showed lackluster defense during the first period as about 3,500 fans watched their team quickly slide in a Thunder 2-0 run.

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Live Twitters From Tonight's Condors Game Against Stockton Thunder

Truxtun Avenue will provide live twitters from Wednesday night's ECHL ice hockey game between the Bakersfield Condors and the Stockton Thunder at the Rabobank Arena. Doors open at 6 p.m., puck drops at 7 p.m.

Follow along at for up-to-the-minute scores and occasional comments. There may be some special twitters from the announcer's booth...

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Pre-season, Schmeeseason. Let's Get Rockin' - By N.L. Bobblehead

Preseason ice hockey. Preseason anything. Preseason marbles. Preseason basketball, football, baseball.


Just like past seasons I've been trying to ignore all the drama. Truelson quits, management woes. Topsy turvy drama and the season hasn't seven begun.

And why on Earth would I want to watch preseason against the Wranglers?

The season is about to begin. Let's thank the hockey gods for that!

- n.l. bobblehead

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Mike Hart To Announce Bakersfield Condors Ice Hockey Games in '08 - By N.L. Bobblehead

Mike Hart confirmed in a phone call with Truxtun Avenue last Thursday that he would announce Bakersfield Condors ice hockey games.

The local fan favorite announcer and ABC23 anchorman said while he wouldn't announce this weekend's preseason game at the Nest, but he would be around for the 2008-2009 season.

In fun unrelated hockey news, the Condors Face-Off newsletter said they will be selling Japanese goalie Fukufuji jerseys and headbands this season during games.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Condors Announcer Says 'Enough!' - By N.L. Bobblehead

Looks like Mike Hart has a few things to say about flying cowbells and Marty Raymond's "Enough is enough!" speech.

Read an excerpt:

Coach Marty Raymond said it best; enough is enough.

He was referring to the call in Sunday's loss to Fresno that set him off, triggering a tirade on the bench that resulted in a dry erase board, dozens of sticks and one Gatorade cooler being flung, tossed or kicked onto the ice.

It's what followed his outburst that made me stop and think hard.

Coach Raymond's fire storm also triggered a rain storm inside Rabobank, in the form of rubber pucks, drinks and even cow bells to come raining down on the ice.

The onslaught was aimed at the referee, for what the crowd and Raymond believe were some bad calls by T.J. throughout the game, culminating with the downpour.

Let me stop for a moment to say this.

I love Condorstown. It's a family.

I've been to other arena's in this state, and a few in Minnesota, and have yet to find a franchise that gets the kind of support (minus a championship) that this club has received in it's 10 years of existence.

However, with all families, there are a few knuckleheads that do stupid things, but you still love them and hope someday they'll straighten out.

Full article

Don't forget the video

Monday, February 25, 2008

ABC23 video of Condors coach going ballistic - By N.L. Bobblehead

Nuts. Crazy. Cowbells flying, sticks--three tubs worth--and Gatorade. Hey man, don't waste the stuff!

That was Saturday's game against the dreaded Fresno Falcons. There's always drama against the Big No.

According to Condors announcer, Mike Hart, a cowbell almost hit he and the guy who sits next to him on the head. I'm telling you, sponge pucks often rain down on Hart, but not cowbells. No, in this case all we don't need is a little more cowbell.

And it wasn't thrown by coach Marty Raymond.

Coach Marty Raymond did go ballistic. It's not something the fans normally get to see. I didn't get to the game until the third period, so I missed the bruhaha.

But here, we can all watch it together and try to figure out if the goal counted and who knocked the mask off the goalie's face. I slammed this raw video onto YouTube today so we can also be entertained by the coach's antics too. And don't forget...let's all be glad a cowbell didn't almost hit any of us or the announcer and the scorekeeper in the head.

Watch the video:

By the way, since I don't like the Fresno Falcons, I'm just going to go ahead and blame all of the Condors problems on them since they're an easy target.

The Condors great 41-hour Fighting Cancer Hockey-thon but NO Fukufuji Bobblehead for this fan – By Matildakay

When the Condors do a fighting cancer hockey-thon weekend, they do it up nice. 41-hours of hockey and charity auctions/fundraisers and hockey related family filled events! Oh my, I’m tired just typing that sentence I can only imagine how the Condors players and staff are feeling right about now.

Here’s a brief recap of this weekend’s 41-hour hockey-thon:


-The Condors lost Saturday night to the Stockton Thunder 5-2.

-2,000 Fukufuji Bobbleheads were passed out to children Saturday night.

-I couldn’t convince any of the Condors staff that I was 12 so that they would give me a Fukufuji Bobblehead. Go figure.

-Not one 12 year old I asked would give up their Fukufuji Bobblehead to this Condors fan. Stingy!

-Teenagers refused to rumble 12 year olds for me in my quest for a Fukufuji Bobblehead. And here I thought teenagers were full of attitude looking for trouble.

-Condors’ veterans Rosebush and Mears showed off their goal shooting skills during the first intermission causing us fans to long for the good ole seasons of Condors yesteryear.

-The Condors gave money to charities.

-A local Iraqi war veteran got a standing ovation.


-The Condors alumni team beat the Fresno Falcons alumni team 13-8. Are all of our best players retired?

-Kevin Barrett was awarded the alumni game’s first star.

-Sawyer Robinson was the 2 millionth Condors fan and received a Condors prize pack full of really cool Condors booty! I hope he made it out of the stadium with all his loot.

-The Condors lost to the Fresno Falcons 6-1 Sunday afternoon.

-Goalie Robinson earned a game misconduct and was replaced by Fukufuji who finished the game.

-I heard through the grapevine that Robinson’s game misconduct caused some upset among the players and fans causing things to be thrown on the ice. Rumble on the ice anyone?

-Four game-worn Condors Legends Hockey-thon jerseys were auctioned off live during Sunday’s game. Rosebush’s jersey raised the highest total of $2,200.

All in all it was a great Condors hockey weekend but still no Fukufuji Bobblehead for this Condors fan. If anyone would like to donate their Fukufuji Bobblehead to the good cause of making my Condors hockey Bobblehead dreams come true, please let me know.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hot ABC23 Weathergirl Checked By Number 23 - By N.L. Bobblehead

I spoke with the hot ABC23 Weathergirl, Christina Loren and she assured me that these were real fisticuffs she was partaking in with the Bakersfield Condors.

Rumor has it she caused more than one Condor to belly flop on the ice.

Don't forget to subscribe to the ABC23 YouTube channel after you watch this action.

Sorry about the weird graininess of the video. Makes it look like Christina Loren is a hot B-movie actress from 1973.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mike Hart Wrestles A Live Teddy Bear! - By N.L. Bobblehead

OK, so I could spend this blog talking about the Condors not winning like they should. But I won't. I'd rather spend my time blaming people like Mikie Seay of Fresno for somehow putting a voodoo whammy on the team. Rumor has it he's got dolls of all the Condors players that he randomly kicks around the house.

So why blame poor defense or bad officiating? I say blame Fresno. We're playing them in a three-game stand beginning Friday, so I might as well start picking on 'em.

In the meantime, check out this video I put together at ABC23 of raining stuffed animals and Mike Hart wrestling a giant live teddy bear!

I'd also like to suggest that the Condors lost that game against Phoenix because some of the players got hit with lead-based stuffed penguins.

One last note. Someone tell Kevin Bartl to keep up his blog.

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